You know that voice inside your head that comes up with the really crazy ideas? The ones that are so crazy you’re not sure you can even say them aloud. And then when you do some people look at you like you’ve lost your mind and you wonder if you should agree with them. 

When I hear that voice, I know there is one person who I can share those ideas with Read morewho will not only validate them but who will also volunteer to help me refine them, expand on them, dig deeper and execute them.

Teri takes crazy ideas and turns them into realities. She makes me think bigger, she encourages me to not only trust that voice in my head but to tune into it so I can hear the faintest whisper.

Teri’s intelligence and experience are matched only by her passion and authenticity. She is a force for good and her energy is fueled by kindness and generosity.  

Meeting Teri changed my professional life. She made me dream bigger. She inspired me to lean into my passion and grow beyond my comfort zone. She is a friend and she makes me want to change the world. She’s who I want to call when the crazy ideas come.

– Alaina Money Garman, Owner, Garman Homes