– Bob Fioretti, Director of New Business, Mountain Real Estate Capital, LLC

Teri is an excellent team player and has the gift of seeing opportunities that we and others didn’t. She gave us a very specific roadmap which clearly articulated how to capitalize on those missed opportunities moving forward which has contributed to us reaching the fastest sales pace we’ve had since opening our master-planned community.

– Craig Martin, Partner, Terra Verde Group

Teri is an exceptional master-planned community development and marketing team leader. She is clearly one of the top talents in the field that I have ever worked with. Her experience, enthusiasm, and creativity are complemented by her focus, her communications skills, and fresh approach and effective marketing strategies. It is a pleasure and a privilege… Read More

– Rob Bowman, President, Charter Homes

Teri is one of the few in the development business that can step into the middle of an often log jammed intersection of research, planning, design, marketing, and operations and quickly organize what needs to be done to move a project forward effectively, while at the same ensuring everyone involved digs in, thinks better, and enjoys the opportunity. She’s… Read More

– Alaina Money Garman, Owner, Garman Homes

You know that voice inside your head that comes up with the really crazy ideas? The ones that are so crazy you’re not sure you can even say them aloud. And then when you do some people look at you like you’ve lost your mind and you wonder if you should agree with them.  When… Read More

– Nick Lehnert, Executive Director KTGY Group Architecture & Planning

Teri is undoubtedly one of the most respected marketing leaders in our industry. Her remarkable passion for understanding the demographics and psychographics that motivate consumers and their lifestyle needs combine with her ability to transform the information into unique and creative brands.

– Jay Hoeschler, Partner, Design Director, Avid Trails

Teri’s vision and creativity are rare gems in community marketing. She has a unique ability to conjure big ideas again and again. My team has been lucky to collaborate closely with her to introduce Avid Trails as the signature amenity in Bexley, and we know it will help set the community apart from all others… Read More