We create community vision and brands customers connect with and experiences that matter.

Everything we do comes from a passionate curiosity and deep understanding of the customer — driven by the belief that the way up is from the outside-in.

TST_Headshot_2018_sizedTeri Slavik-Tsuyuki (aka: tst) is the founder and principal of tst ink, llc., with 25+ years’ experience building and bringing to life some of the most valued, recognizable and top-selling brands in community and resort development.

She is forever curious about the intersection of people and place, and how each reflects and defines the other. A fast-thinking, passionate senior marketing professional, Teri is a sought-after and engaging public speaker and facilitator.



Jon Swallen, Chief Research Officer for Kantar Media, quoted in AdAge (October 2018) says, “Beauty brands are trying to court and develop the next generation of customers. These are customers who love the luxury experience, but don’t necessarily want the price tag. It’s not simply the price point that determines the (luxury) tag, but a… Read More

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Marketing—no matter whether you follow the outdated “4 Ps” approach or a more integrated customer-centric one—is typically concerned with customer acquisition, satisfaction, retention and…

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Whatever you call it, it looks like @yourgate is piloting its new product and service in San Diego Airport, and I wish I’d seen this before I ordered my burger bowl at The Counter en route to Denver today.

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At the International Builders Show in Orlando this week I got to share the stage in a Spotlight session with six amazing design and creative professionals. Our task was to share 60 design ideas in 60 minutes.

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After a little over two years in my safe keeping, the $5 bill I found randomly tucked into the rim of a baseball cap in the Life is good store in the Seattle-Tacoma Airport has finally found its rightful, deserving home.

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You don’t get to know about the lasts. Because they can’t tell you.
They just happen.
Near the end, the space between them becomes strangely physical.

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Teri is an excellent team player and has the gift of seeing opportunities that we and others didn’t. She gave us a very specific roadmap which clearly articulated how to capitalize on those missed opportunities moving forward which has contributed to us reaching the fastest sales pace we’ve had since opening our master-planned community.

Teri is an exceptional master-planned community development and marketing team leader. She is clearly one of the top talents in the field that I have ever worked with. Her experience, enthusiasm, and creativity are complemented by her focus, her communications skills, and fresh approach and effective marketing strategies. It is a pleasure and a privilege to work with TST and her team as they helped us create a community vision and brand that will differentiate our master plan and help increase its value.

Teri is one of the few in the development business that can step into the middle of an often log jammed intersection of research, planning, design, marketing, and operations and quickly organize what needs to be done to move a project forward effectively, while at the same ensuring everyone involved digs in, thinks better, and enjoys the opportunity. She’s a rockstar.

And if you want more…you only know she’s from Canada when she says process.

You know that voice inside your head that comes up with the really crazy ideas? The ones that are so crazy you’re not sure you can even say them aloud. And then when you do some people look at you like you’ve lost your mind and you wonder if you should agree with them. 

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